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66 products packs

1E Virtual Assistant

This pack allows end users to fix few predefined problems on their requested machine using Virtual Assistant chat.
17 19

1E Solutions Core

Prerequisite DEX Pack for onboarding devices to the 1E Solutions platform
15 42

End-User Self-Service

Empower end-users to elevate their permissions and self-serve fixes for common issues.
11 62

1E for Device Refresh

Proactively manage device refresh to reduce hardware spend, carbon usage and improve employee device suitability.
18 72

1E for Microsoft Intune

Get more from Intune with 1E's complementary capabilities to address key use cases in security and compliance.
23 95

User Login Events

Get logon events for users for a period.
14 118


Trigger AidenBot deployment and provide compliance reports
14 40

USB Management

Control use of USB drives by enabling, disabling or setting up timed based access for a secure environment
15 155

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