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Managed Reboots

Reboot the machine with user interactive user prompts
14 144

Windows AppLocker

Regulate the execution of any specific executable file(s) across devices by creating explicit Hash rules (Allow or Deny)
16 71

Vulnerability Management

Secure your environment from vulnerabilities by running scans and deploying security patches across the organization
14 105

Linux System Management

Manage the Linux based systems
20 24

BadRabbit Vulnerability

Identify machines likely to be impacted by BadRabbit malware by looking for indicators of compromise
17 41


Find and tag the documents or spreadsheets which contains PII (with/without match context) and matches the GDPR rules
12 44


Gather Forensics information about network usage, energy usage, resource usage, process activity by user
17 113

1E Virtual Assistant

Self Service instructions to fix common issues with the help of 1E Virtual Assistant
17 162

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