This DEXPack (formerly Product pack) contains Endpoint Automation (formerly Guaranteed State) policy and instructions for obtaining the details of the configured OneDrive on an end-user device.

Key Features


  • Upload this DEXPack using the Product Pack Deployment Tool

  • An Endpoint Automation Policy named OneDrive Policy gets created.

  • Two Endpoint Automation Rules, to reset and restart OneDrive are created with this policy.

  • An Instruction Set called Microsoft OneDrive gets created, containing the instructions.


  1. Review the rule Reset OneDrive which detects whether OneDrive has sync issues and if needed, performs a reset/restart.

  2. The precondition ensures that the Onedrive.exe process exists.

3. Adjust the trigger to evaluate the check as required.

4. Update the Onedrive tenant GUID, for more information visit Find your Microsoft 365 tenant ID - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn

5. Apply the fix as required.

6. Review the rule Restart OneDrive. This rule detects if OneDrive is running and restarts the process.

7. The precondition ensures that the user is logged into the device.

8.  Adjust the trigger to evaluate the check as required. Same as pervious rule.

9. The check evaluates if OneDrive exists.

10. This optional fix restarts OneDrive.


Reports start to generate a few hours after the rules are evaluated, you can view them using Endpoint Automation.

Device state definitions:

  • Compliant - represents devices that do not have sync issue and where the OneDrive service is running.

  • Not applicable - devices that do not have OneDrive installed.

  • Unknown - devices that have not reported their state.



Get configured OneDrive tenant ID

Shows the Account and Configured Tenant ID of OneDrive for business.

Get OneDrive Status for %tenantID%

Provides detailed OneDrive related information like File count, Path, process state etc.

Get summary of OneDrive status for %tenantID%

Provides a summary of OneDrive status for the specified tenant ID.

List OneDrive migration information for %onedrive% directory.

Provides the installed versions of Office and OneDrive, a count for the instances of specified OneDrive Directories and the total amount of diskspace being used.

Resolve OneDrive sync issue by %Action% OneDrive

Fix OneDrive sync issues by either restarting or resetting OneDrive. After restart or reset, OneDrive shows a pop-up requesting the user to login again.

Check %Folder% location for bad File and Path names as well as files over %FileSize% in bytes and Path Length over %PathLength%. Useful for checking OneDrive restrictions.

This instruction checks a specified folder location for bad files and pathnames, as well as files exceeding a specified file size (in bytes) and path length


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