This integrated product pack contains policies and instructions that enable an organization to manage client browsers across all devices and perform tasks such as prevent the installation of malicious Google Chrome browser extensions, reset Google Chrome, get browser's homepage, uninstall any per-user installation of Google Chrome etc. thereby increasing security and minimizing time and effort.

Key Features

  • Identifies vulnerable or malicious Google Chrome browser extensions.
  • An administrator uses Guaranteed State and the Browser Management Policy to ensure that those extensions are not subsequently installed by any user and disable the extensions if already installed.
  • Check and apply update to Google Chrome browser across all devices to make it current and more secure.
  • Reset the Chrome browser to default settings for all devices.


  • This Product Pack contains both Rules and instructions.
  • Upload this Product pack with the help of Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • Two Guaranteed State Policies named Enforce blacklisted Chrome extensions and Update Chrome Browser will be created.
  • Two Guaranteed State Rules named Devices with rule Apply restrictions on Chrome for downloading blacklisted extensions and Check and apply updates for google chrome browser will be created.
  • An Instruction Set named Chrome Browser containing all the instructions will be created.


  1. Review the Check and apply updates for google chrome browser rule that will be used to update chrome browser.
  2. Update the Check ChromeLatestVersion with the latest version of Chrome available.
  3. Adjust the ChromeLatestVersion to the latest Chrome version.
  4. Review all the rules in this Policy and enable them before deploying it.
  5. Assign the Update chrome browser Policy to a management group.
  6. Deploy the Update chrome browser Policy.
  7. Within a period of a day or more Chrome browser will be updated.
  8. Run the instruction Get devices grouped by Chrome installed version to get the latest version of Chrome of all the devices.


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