This is an integrated product pack which stores the login duration and impact to monitor the user login performance for better end user experience.

Key Features

  • Admins can enable or disable startup applications on users machines.
  • Get the login time and Group policy load time for a number of days.
  • Get the startup apps utilization at boot time.


  • This Product Pack contains both Rules and instructions.
  • Upload this Product pack with the help of Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • A Guaranteed State Policy named Login Monitoring will be created.
  • Three Guaranteed State Rules will be created in this policy.
  • An Instruction set named Login Monitoring containing all the instructions will be created.


  1. Review any rule, for example Collect group policy load duration.
  2. Adjust the Trigger IntervalHours to run it on a periodic basis.
  3. The Check is performed to Check and store the last group policy load time at logon.
  4. Enable this rule. Review all the rules in the policy before deploying them.
  5. Assign the Policy Login Monitoring to a management group.
  6. Deploy the Policy Login Monitoring.
  7. Within a period of a day or two you would start seeing the compliance and remediation reports on Login Monitoring.
  8. We can also manually run instruction from Explorer to perform additional tasks.



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