Report device compliance regarding the status of the Credential Guard, Smartscreen, Bitlocker, Windows Update and Windows Defender Antivirus security components of the Microsoft Operating System as compared against a configurable reference baseline. This will increase security across your enterprise and minimize opportunities for cyberattacks.

Key Features

  • Monitor the compliance of the security updates for Microsoft Antivirus for all the devices in the network in order to identify devices that are non-compliant and may be vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Identify which devices have hard drives that are not encrypted using BitLocker encryption, thereby identifying devices with poor data security.


  • This Product Pack contains both Rules and instructions.
  • Upload this Product pack with the help of Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • A Guaranteed State Policy named Windows Security Profile will be created.
  • Guaranteed State Rules will be created in this policy.
  • An Instruction set named Windows Security Profile containing all the instructions will be created.


  1. Review any rule, For Example Check default anti-virus solution is Windows Defender.
  2. The precondition ensures it run only on Windows devices.
  3. Adjust the Trigger IntervalHours to meet your requirement.
  4. The Check if Windows Defender is the default antivirus or not on the devices.
  5. Review all the rules in this Policy before deploying it.
  6. Assign the Windows Security Profile Policy to a management group.
  7. Deploy the Windows Security Profile Policy.
  8. Within a period of a day or more you would start seeing the compliance reports on Windows Defender and other rules.
  9. We can also manually run instruction from Explorer to perform various actions or questions related to Windows Security Profile.


What's New

14 March 2024:
Bug fix on get BitLocker status.

25 July 2023:
Added non-English OS languages support to BitLocker rule.

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