Enterprise environments do have shared storage locations for storing data that can be accessed by users. Users rely on mapped drives to get the shared data.

Often, these mapped drives get disconnected from user's device, resulting in incidents as user is not able to access the data.

This Integrated Product Pack contains policies and instructions that enable an organisation to map the network drive automatically.

Key Features

  • Checks if all the required network drive are mapped or not
  • Maps the missing network drive automatically
  • Provides ability to centrally map a network drive on demand
  • Provides ability to centrally disconnect a network drive
  • Gathers mapped drive details including UNC path and status


  • This Product Pack contains both rules and instructions.
  • Upload this Product Pack using 1E Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • A Guaranteed State Rule named NetworkDrive Rule will be created in this policy.
  • Edit the rule and specify drive letter and shared path.
  • A Guaranteed State Policy named NetworkDrive Policy will be created.
  • Assign the policy to management group and deploy.
  • An Instruction Set named Network Drive containing all the instructions will be created.


  1. Review the rule NetworkDrive Rule.
  2. The precondition ensures that a user is logged in to the Windows device.
  3. The rule will be triggered in every 24 hrs(configurable)
  4. The Check is performed to determine if the mentioned Network drive letter and share Path is mapped.
  5. Lastly the fix is applied to map network drive and share path if its not already mapped.
  6. Enable this rule.
  7. Assign the NetworkDrive Policy Policy to a management group.
  8. Deploy the NetworkDrive Policy Policy.
  9. Within a period of a day or two you would start seeing the compliance and remediation reports on Network drive.
  10. We can also manually run instruction from Explorer to perform additional tasks.


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