This product pack has instructions and rules that help to fix the Outlook profile file issue on the target devices. This pack provides the solution related to common microsoft outlook issues like cache mode, Add-ins, scan pst, offline mode, sync issue etc.

Key Features

  • IT department can fix the PST Outlook file for some users who have raised incidents for same.
  • Manage the outlook add-ins to set the load behavior.
  • Automatically recreate the outlook profile.
  • Create and delete common outlook rules.


  • This Product Pack contains both Rules and instructions.
  • Upload this Product pack with the help of Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • A Guaranteed State Policy named Outlook Profile Creation will be created.
  • A Guaranteed State Rule names Check and create outlook profile will be created in this policy.
  • An Instruction Set named Microsoft Outlook containing all the instructions will be created.


  1. Go to Explorer and search for any instruction in this pack, For Example Get list of Outlook add-ins and their LoadBehavior with optional include list.
  2. Click Ask this question.
  3. This will display the list all the available add-ins and their behavior for that targeted device.
  4. For Policy, Assign the Outlook profile creation Policy to a management group.
  5. Deploy the Outlook profile creation Policy.
  6. Within a period of a day or more you would start seeing the compliance reports on Microsoft Outlook Profile.
  7. We can also manually run instruction from Explorer to list and recreate Microsoft Outlook Profile.


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