This DEXPack (formerly Product pack) contains Endpoint Automation policies (formerly Guaranteed State), rules, and instructions aimed at resolving Outlook profile file issues on the target devices. It offers solutions for common Microsoft Outlook issues such as cache mode, Add-ins, scan pst , offline mode, and sync issues.

Key Features

  • An IT department can fix the PST Outlook file for users who have raised related incidents.

  • Allows Administrators to set the load behavior of add-ins. It provides control over which add-ins are enabled or disabled, helping to optimize Outlook's performance and functionality.

  • Automatically creates the outlook profile for new users logged on to a device.

  • Creates and deletes common Outlook rules.


  • This Product Pack contains Rules and instructions.

  • Upload this DEXPack using the 1E product pack deployment tool.

  • An Endpoint Automation Policy named Outlook Profile is created.

  • An Endpoint Automation Rule Check and create Outlook profile is created in this policy.

  • An Instruction Set named Microsoft Outlook containing all the instructions will be created.


1. Review the rule Check and create outlook profile. This rule ensures the default Outlook profile is present. If the default profile is missing, the rule will create one.

2. The precondition ensures that Outlook is installed on the device.

3. When a user logs onto the device, the trigger initializes the check.

4. The check validates if an Outlook profile exists on the device. Enter the profileName to be validated. If the profile is not present, the fix will create the profile and configure it.

Note : Only devices that are Azure AD/ Hybrid registered and SSO enabled will automatically configure the profile without user authentication.


Reports will start to generate a few hours after deployment, you can view them in the Endpoint Automation application portal.

Device state definitions:

  • Compliant - represents if device has profile present

  • Not applicable - devices that do not have Outlook installed

  • Unknown - devices that have not reported their state.


Cascade the Outlook windows

Resolves error where a new email window is not visible or opened hidden by cascade the Outlook windows

Change Outlook mode to Online

Change’s the Outlook mode to Online if running in Offline mode.

Check if Outlook is running in Online or Offline Mode

Checks if Outlook is running in Online or Offline mode, and reports back if Outlook is not installed.

Delete OutlookSecureTempFolder (OLK) cache files older than %numDays% days.

Removes OutlookSecureTempFolder (OLK) cache files which are older than specified no. of days.

Create Outlook rule %RuleName% to move email to %ActionMoveToFoldeName% folder or forward to %ActionForwardToEmailAddress% email address received from %ConditionFromEmailAddress% or received with subject %ConditionEmailSubject% . Select %RunRuleOnExistingMessage% to run rule on existing emails in Inbox.

Creates a new rule in Outlook to move or forward email received from a specified recipient or with a specified subject.

Delete old calendar items

Deletes calendar items which are older than one year.

Set Outlook addin load behaviour to Disabled for the Teams addins

Disables the Outlook Teams add-in on Outlook startup.

Disable Outlook cache mode

Disables the Use Cached Exchange Mode and switches to online mode.

Disable Outlook rule %RuleName%

Disables a specified Outlook rule or deletes all Outlook rules.

Resolves Outlook issue that shows emails with blank boxes instead of pictures

Resolves an Outlook issue that displays emails with blank boxes instead of pictures. Disabling this, shows picture placeholders in editor options

Set Outlook addin load behavior to Enabled for the Teams addins

Enables the Outlook Teams add-in on Outlook startup

%EnableOrDisable% auto archive in Outlook

This instruction provides flexibility to enable or disable the auto-archiving feature for new emails.

%EnableOrDisable% the New Mail Notification

This instruction provides flexibility to enable or disable notifications for new emails.

Fix Outlook Data File issues. Choose true or false to delete Outlook Data File(OST) or not respectively - %delOst%.

Finds and fixes Outlook data file issues if they exist, with an optional deletion of OST files.

List the outlook rules

Retrieves the list of Outlook rules configured in a user's Outlook.

Launch the scan pst tool

Launches the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool to scan and repair Outlook PST files.

List Outlook addins and their LoadBehavior with optional IncludeList %IncludeList%

Retrieve a list of Outlook add-ins and their LoadBehavior with optional include list.

Set Outlook addin load behavior to LoadBehavior %LoadBehavior% for the addins named IncludeList %IncludeList%

Sets the specified Outlook add-in(s) to a specific LoadBehavior.

Empty Auto-complete list in outlook

To fix the issue of memorized wrong addresses, empty the Auto-Complete list in Outlook and clear the address cache. This action opens a new Outlook window.

Apply the fix where the user is not able to change the view in Outlook.

This instruction enables users to change the current view in the Outlook.

Apply Fix for ICS Files

Applies the Registry Fix for ICS Files in Outlook, either for x64 or x86.

Fix the issue of not opening MSG file with Outlook

This instruction fixes the problem where .msg files do not open with Outlook.

Display online status (Presence icon) next to name in Outlook.

This instruction fixes the issue where Outlook does not display the presence icon next to the name.

Fix the issue of not getting sent mails in sent items of shared mailbox in Outlook

This instruction fixes the issue where emails sent from a shared mailbox, added as an additional mailbox in Outlook, are saved in the sent items of the source mailbox instead of the shared mailbox.

Resolve Outlook Sync issue

This instruction fixes the Outlook sync issue.

Apply fix for hyperlink opens a blank page or does nothing

This instruction resolves the problem where clicking a hyperlink in an email message or on a web page, or right-clicking a hyperlink and selecting Open in New Window results in either a blank window or no action.

Display the user guide for new mail

Display the guide on how to show Bcc, From, and To fields, and uses the Voting button in a new email in Outlook

Fix Microsoft Outlook printing problems

This instruction deletes the outlprnt file to resolve Microsoft Outlook printing problems.

Delete and rebuild the outlook search index.

This instruction deletes and rebuilds the Outlook search index.

Set Outlook Recovery DumpsterAlwaysOn to 1 and Display the steps to recover deleted items.

Enables the Outlook Recycling Bin for Shared Mailboxes by setting 'Outlook Recovery DumpsterAlwaysOn' to 1 and provides the user with steps to recover deleted emails.

Recreate the offline address book in Outlook

Deletes the Offline Address Book and recreates it upon Outlook launch, this action relaunches Outlook.

Apply fix for Outlook Scheduling Assistant not working issue.

This instruction fixes the issue where the Outlook Scheduling Assistant is not working.

Uncheck Show home page by default for this folder in outlook

This instruction switches the Outlook Today folder pane view from the Outlook Today home page to a regular folder view.

Uninstall Outlook Add-in %AddinName% through registry.

Removes the specified Outlook add-in through the registry. This is useful in solving problems related to calendar dates not appearing bold. (Warning: This action will close Outlook with the current user's permission).

UnCheck add digital signature to outgoing message

Resolves the error “Outlook cannot sign or encrypt this message because your certificate is not valid” by unchecking Add digital signature to outgoing messages.

Resolve problem opening email attachments in the Outlook

This instruction clears temporary internet files to resolve the problem of opening email attachments in Outlook.

Rename Outlook OST folder

Resolves the Outlook error that reads Sorry, something went wrong.

Disable prompt for confirmation before permanently delete emails

This instruction disables any kind of confirmation prompts that users get before permanently deleting e-mails.

Set Read all standard mail in plain text

This instruction checks the Read all standard mail in plain text option in Outlook.

Set .html and .htm file type to the htmlfile

Fixes the issue where hyperlinks are not opening in Outlook by setting the file type for .html and .htm files to htmlfile.

List Outlook teams addins and their LoadBehavior

Retrieves a list of Outlook add-ins and their LoadBehavior.

Recreate the microsoft outlook profile as name %profileName%

This instruction recreates the Outlook profile and sets the specified profile as the default profile

List current Outlook profiles

Retrieves Outlook profiles configured on the end user's device and provides the default profile set on the user's device.


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