The MEMCM Client Health policy monitors Configuration Manager client health and performance. It checks for cache availability, inventory cycles, service availability, Configuration Manager WMI integrity and common causes of Configuration Manager client problems on devices.
The MEMCM Client Health policy replaces the previous SCCM Client Health policy.

Key Features

  • The policy in this product pack will:- Ensure the correct version of the CM client is installed and running and assigned to the correct site.
  • Ensure the CM client is not stuck in provisioning mode.
  • Ensure that heartbeat discovery, inventory and state messages are being sent regularly.
  • Ensures the CM client cache is set to the correct size.
  • Ensure the CM client log settings are correct.
  • Ensure the BITS service exists, configured to start up automatically and is running.
  • Ensure the Windows Time service exists with correct startup settings.
  • Ensure the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service exists, configured to start automatically and is running.
  • Ensure WMI is healthy, the core CIMv2 and ccm namespaces and classes exist and that the WMI repository is consistent.
  • Ensure the Windows Update service exists with correct startup settings, is configured to use the correct source (CM, WSUS or Microsoft Update) and that the service can connect to the source.


  • This Product Pack contains Rules.
  • Upload this Product pack with the help of Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool.
  • A Guaranteed State Policy named MEMCM Client Health will be created.
  • Guaranteed State Rules will be created in this policy.


  1. Review any rule, For Example MEMCM Client CacheSize.
  2. The precondition ensures that storage InstallRecord exists.
  3. The rule will be triggered in every 24 hrs.
  4. The Check is performed to ensure that the CM Cache size is between 2560-5120 MB by default. You may reconfigure it.
  5. Lastly a fix is applied by configuring the CM Cache size to 5120 MB if the current CM Cache size is not between the MinMB and MaxMB value.
  6. Enable this rule. Review all the rules in this Policy and enable them before deploying it.
  7. Assign the MEMCM Client Health Policy to a management group.
  8. Deploy the MEMCM Client Health Policy.
  9. Within a period of a day or two you would start seeing the compliance reports on MEMCM Client Health.


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