This product pack has instructions that will help manage audio configuration and audio playback devices remotely without disrupting the user.

Key Features

  • This Product Pack contains Instructions that help to create an inventory of all the recording or playback devices available in their organization.
  • It helps you to set a standard audio configuration for their devices across the organization.


  • This Product Pack contains instructions.
  • Upload the Product pack either with the help of Product Pack Deployment Tool or directly by clicking on Upload button from the Instruction sets page in the Settings application within the 1E Platform.
  • Create an Instruction Set and name it as you prefer but Audio Device Management is used as an example, and move all the instructions from Unassigned Set to this set, unless you use Product Pack Deployment Tool which creates it automatically.


  • Go to Explorer and search for any instruction in this pack, For Example Change state of all audio devices to %method%. Select Enabled from the dropdown.
  • Click Perform this Action.
  • It should return if the state of the audio device was changed to enabled. If it can't find an Audio device, then it should return No audio device is found.


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