1E Exchange

The 1E Exchange is a library of automations and instructions that leverage
1E’s Simple Cross-platform Agent Language for Extensibility (SCALE), and the 1E Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platform to reduce friction for Digital Employees everywhere.

The library organizes DEX Packs to help you improve your organization’s digital employee experience, improve endpoint security, and provide business value. Leverage these proven and tested automation processes and quickly implement them in your environment.

DEX Packs
DEXCode objects

What is a DEX Pack?

A DEX Pack (formerly Product Pack) is a collection of 1E’s Simple Cross-platform Agent Language for Extensibility (SCALE) objects and automation rules that relate to a specific theme or use case.

What does a DEX Pack consist of?


Instructions are SCALE objects that humans can run in multiple ways.

  • Via the 1E UI
  • Through API calls from ServiceNow
  • With a Chatbot or self-service portal
  • By a desktop icon click

Instructions are of type “Question” or “Action” and can be run on one, many, or all devices in real-time.



An event triggers Policies.

Examples of Events

  • a process starting or crashing
  • a service changing state, a file updating
  • a registry change
  • a user logging in
  • a USB device being connected to a port
  • time passing…

Almost anything can be an event that triggers the autonomous actions of a Policy.

Rules can be of type “Check” or “Fix” – which inspects the status of compliance with the rule and self-heals to enforce the required configuration/setting.

Learn about SCALE

SCALE is a powerful, lightweight, cross-platform programming language which combines 1E Client “Methods” and “Modules” with SQL commands to enable you to create questions, actions, preconditions, checks, and fixes that can automate almost anything on a Windows, Linux or macOS device.

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